Company philosophy

As an owner-run, family company, APOGEPHA stands for steady company development and sustainability. Trust, reliability and credibility, along with a major focus on customers and quality, characterise our company’s values. Committed employees in a performance-driven environment, innovation and flexibility are important success factors for us.

APOGEPHA company headquarters in Dresden-Striesen and production site in Dresden-Lockwitz
APOGEPHA company headquarters in Dresden-Striesen and production site in Dresden-Lockwitz


Health and improving patients’ quality of life are our most important driving forces. We see this as our social responsibility. We regard ourselves not only as providers of high-quality medications and services but also as a partner of doctors, pharmacists and patients. The trust that patients and partners place in us is both the foundation of this collaboration and an obligation for us. We set high standards for ourselves and our work as well as for the quality and safety of our products.

Customer focus

As a specialist in urology, our aim is to provide high-quality products and comprehensive service in this area of therapy. The needs of patients and our partners provide us with the driving force and direction to develop our products and services, which in turn requires close collaboration with doctors, pharmacies and patients.


View of pharmaceutical production facilities
View of pharmaceutical production facilities

Our aim is constantly to provide our products and services of a quality that:

  • Meets the customer’s steadily growing expectations and needs.
  • Ensures the greatest possible drug safety.
  • Meets the latest international quality standards.
  • Keeps up with the latest scientific, medical and technical advances.

Our production facilities in Dresden and efficient management ensure the internationally recognised, high-quality level of our products, which is confirmed in regular audits and official inspections.

Financial autonomy and independence

APOGEPHA Arzneimittel GmbH belongs 100 percent to the Starke family and thus functions as a financially independent company. The commitment and interests of the family are a guarantee of sustained company development.

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